Acne Scarring Treatment

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Many people who have suffered with acne in their medical history will unfortunately be left with some type of scarring to the area where the acne was prevalent.  These scars are the result of the tissue repair after swelling and irritation within the middle layer of the skin (dermis), which has been bought on by the acne. 

As if suffering with acne had not been difficult enough – to be left with scarring can be very distressing for individuals and so many people look for treatments to repair the damaged tissue and reduce the appearance of the scarring.

It is important that individuals are realistic about what treatments for acne scarring can achieve.  Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to return the skin to its look and condition prior to the outbreak of acne. Absolute Aesthetics works with its patients to set realistic expectations as to what the different treatments can achieve and how this will improve the appearance of the scarring and the ongoing health of the skin.

This website has been designed to provide information regarding a range of treatments for acne scarring. Only some of the suggested treatments are suitable for acne that is active.


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